Win a trip to Curaçao. Contest ends March 7, 2011.

Question: What could be best that reading The House of Six Doors, the new novel by Patricia Selbert that El Mundo calls “an honest tale of love, independence and American Dreams”?

Answer: Reading The House of Six Doors laying down in a Curaçao beach while shipping blue Curaçao liqueur.

Purchase The House of Six Doors for a chance to win a trip to Curaçao for two, staying four nights at the historic Avila Hotel, practically on the beach itself, walking distance from many of the magical places mentioned in the colorful novel.

Your chances of winning are very high and don’t stop with the trip. You could also win a bottle of blue Curaçao liqueur, a black-coral necklace, a private interview with author Patricia Selbert, a Vedic astrology reading, a print by artist/photographer Isaac Hernández, and many electronic books by a diverse collection of authors.


“The House of Six Doors” is Born

First Booksigning: Friday, Feb. 25, 6-8p, Santa Barbara

The public and media are invited to a Dutch Caribbean evening to celebrate the launch of The House of Six Doors on Friday, February 25, 6-8pm, at the Faulkner Gallery, SB Library, downtown (40 E. Anapamu St., SB, CA). (Buy the book and enter to win a trip for two to Curacao, and rsvp here for the booksigning).

My debut novel, The House of Six Doors, was launched on February 22, 2011! The reviews, book blogs, media attention and help from friends has been fantastic. Deep thanks go to all who’ve contributed, from the incredible teams at Publishing by the Seas, Hasmark Services, Zelin Communications, BookSparksPR, Intrepid Realist web design, and the many book bloggers who have generously supported my campaign, to my wonderful editors, friends and family who have nurtured me through the process. I’m deeply grateful to you all!

Here’s the news about the booksigning, if you can make it:

The first book signing on an international book tour will be held at the Santa Barbara Library, downtown. The book launch and reception will include a reading and presentation by local Santa Barbara author, Patricia Selbert; a slide show of original images by photographer Isaac Hernandez; music and a reception featuring Caribbean hors d’oeuvres and refreshments. Books will be available for sale and signing, and a brand new Kindle ebook reader with The House of Six Doors will be raffled.

About The House of Six Doors

Thirteen-year-old Serena never could have imagined the streets of Los Angeles from the beaches of the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao. With her mother and sister, they leave the rest of the family and fly to Florida to then drive across the US, arriving in the city of angels on a wing and a prayer. With only the hope of a nursing job, the three land on 1970’s Sunset Boulevard, home of seedy opportunities. Their money and luck run out, and their 1963 Ford Galaxie becomes their first American home.

Serena’s grandmother, native Arawak and Black, was accustomed to the discrimination that was a key element in her island’s history. Serena learns to pretend that everything’s fine, afraid to send her mother into another depression. She juggles responsibility for her mother’s well-being with school, a secret boyfriend, and a growing desire for independence, in a foreign land: Hollywood, in the 1970s. The wisdom of her grandmother, a mystic, gives her solace, which she clings to tenaciously despite the thousands of miles between them. Coming of age in a foreign land, faced with enormous obstacles, Serena finds her way and the wisdom that sets her free.

The House of Six Doors can now be ordered as a soft cover for $14.95 at fine retailers everywhere. The eBook ($9.99) and iBook ($9.99) are available in an enhanced version (with exclusive photography, recipes, an author interview and information on the places, culture, and music from the story) on the Amazon Kindle Store and on the Apple iBookstore, as well as other online retailers. The book ships and is available for digital download as of February 22, 2011.

Early Reviews

“An honest tale of love, acceptance, and American dreams.” — El Mundo

“If you feel as though the circumstances of your life are against you and you wonder whether this will ever change, this is a story that will fill you with hope…. If you have ever wanted to believe that the circumstances of your life really do work for your ultimate best interest, read The House of Six Doors.” — David Robert Ord, author Lessons in Loving—A Journey into the Heart

“Intimate, at times lyrical, charged with pain and wonder, laughter and perennial hope, The House of Six Doors is terrific storytelling.” Olga Rojer, Associate Professor, American University, Washington DC

“This novel is a beautiful weave of hard reality and romance, so real that I couldn’t put it down.” – Nancy Marriott, co-author with Dr. Candace Pert, of Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d

“This evocative, moving, and relevant coming-of-age story follows a young girl swept into the crosscurrents of American culture. Selbert artfully shines a light on the transformation of a family, and the complex integrations all immigrants face.” — Carol Prunhuber, author of Woman: Around the World and Through the Ages

“Patricia Selbert weaves a powerful and poignant tale of wisdom in the tapestry of her writings that provides a source of strength. My applause to the author for her brilliant and beautiful portrayal of a young girl’s coming of age and her struggles with cultural differences.” — Reiki Master Julia Elizabeth Carroll, author of Nu Reiki Oneness

“This story rings true from beginning to end. From the moment we meet Serena with her fierce and erratic mother in the Miami airport, we know a heroine’s journey has begun.” — Janet Lucy, co-author of Moon Mother, Moon Daughter: Myths and Rituals that Celebrate a Girl’s Coming of Age

The House of Six Doors tells the story of Serena’s transformation: from young island girl to woman, from small town to big city life, with a strong helping of self-realization. This is my kind of fiction!” -Janice Cook Knight, author, Follow Your Heart Cookbook: Recipes from the Vegetarian Restaurant

“You will find yourself torn between cheering for the mother and wanting to sit her down for an intervention. You will think about yourself and how you would deal with things if you were in that situation. You will wish to be enveloped by Serena’s grandmother’s arms and hear her wisdom. You’ll take that wisdom to heart for your own life. You will want to take Serena and hide her away from herself but then on the next page feel a sense of pride for her achievements. You will wish to live in Curaçao but then thankful to live in your own town. You’ll find yourself wanting to read more of this book.” – Steena Holmes, author of Chocolate Blessings

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