This is an update for all of you who are asking about what I have been up to.
I have been working on my dissertation for my Ph.D., and my research topic is:
The Somatic Sensory and Somatic Emotional Aspects of the Immigrant Experience.

What does that mean?

We not only experience the world with our minds, but we also experience it through our bodies. With our minds we are able to think about our surroundings; with our bodies we sense and feel the world around us. The culture in which we were born greatly shapes the way in which we do these things. Because our home cultures feel familiar to us, we often do not think about all the ways in which they form our minds and our bodies. Immigrants can often become disoriented when they leave their original cultures and notice that people in other cultures do not think or feel the same way as they did back home. In order to fit into a new cultures, we usually focus on learning to think in new ways without considering new ways to sense or feel. I’m doing research to better understand the effects of sensing and feeling in the immigrants experience.

Although it is a lot of hard work, I love this topic! It’s so cool!

Images in the Sky

Do you see a horse?
As a new years resolution I’ve decided to look UP more often, up to the sky to see what the clouds are doing. Last year I saw all kinds of things in the sky. I was astonished at how often I could clearly see images shaped by the clouds. Looking up to the sky has a dream like quality to it. Taking a break during the busy day to see what is up in the sky gives me perspective and reconnects me with the magic of life.

Do you see a poodle?

Do you see a mermaid?