Let the Words Flow:Writing Prompt 7

We look in order to see. Sometimes we look for something, sometimes we look for someone and sometimes we look to discover what we need to see. What are you looking for? I invite you to join me; you’ll need pen, paper or a computer, a cup of tea and a comfortable place to sit. Ask yourself what part of your story needs to be written. The prompt is an invitation to let the words flow. Slowly read the prompt, whether fact or fiction, write what needs to be written today. Feel free to change the prompt from first to third person, vice versa or any other way.

I looked out in the distance…

Contemplation Spots

I make it a point to find amazing places to just sit and contemplate when I am traveling. Those places stay with me long after my trip is over. I collect the moments spent at these places as if they were treasures. The moments of contemplation have been profound and transformational. I don’t know what makes them so – whether it’s the time I take to integrate all the new information I’ve absorbed, or if I’m getting in tune with how the place feels to me, or both. This was one of those special spots, on Moosehead Lake in Maine. I felt something old and serene here. Are there any places where you have sat and contemplated that have stayed with you?

Quote from The House of Six Doors

Let your feelings flow freely, accept each one of them, know that they are your feelings and no one is to blame for them. Live from your essence and watch your feelings flow; only when you accept them can you understand the story of your life.

The House of Six Doors, Page 318~