Quote of the Week

“He will teach you to live in this earthly world. He is good at it. You will teach him to fly in the other worlds. You will be good at that. He will be your partner, your friend, your lover, your mentor, your protector, your teacher, and all of this you will also be to him. His soul will grow because of you, and your soul will grow because of him.”
The House of Six Doors~Page 185

Happy Valentine’s Day

Let the Words Flow:Writing Prompt 6

Nature’s colors are awe-inspiring, especially in the fall. It’s easy to miss the amazing transformations that are happening all around us with the many distractions we are faced with during the course of the day. Take a moment and look outside; notice what stands out for you among the autumn leaves.  I invite you to join me: you’ll need pen and paper or a computer, a cup of tea, and a comfortable place to sit. Ask yourself what part of your story needs to be told today. The prompt is an invitation to let the words flow. Slowly read the prompt, whether fact or fiction, and write what needs to be written today. Feel free to change the prompt from first to third person, vice versa, or any other way.

As the leaves outside change colors, I…