I find the Santa Barbara harbor an inspiring place to hang out, especially at the beginning of a new year. Harbors are on the edge of an ocean that is continuously in motion. Harbors are places to anchor, places to rest, places to recharge. Harbors are like punctuation; places where boats stop at the beginning and end of their journeys. A harbor is a safe haven. I see them as a metaphor – a symbol that reminds us to pause, reflect, and recharge while we are on the journeys of life.

This summer I had the pleasure to visit Bar Harbor, Main, an inspiring place to recharge.

Out of the Way but Worth the Detour


If you get off at the Santa Clause Lane exit in Carpinteria you will find some unique shops with extraordinary merchandise. It’s worth taking the detour to roam around the shops and to enjoy lunch at the Garden Market.

Porch has all kinds of gift, books and a garden section.

Hummingbird sells accessories and clothing items and jewelry.

A-Frame has everything you need to enjoy the ocean.

Then if you drive north to the next exit and tuen left on the frontage road you’ll run into the Sacred Place they have an array of items that enrich the soul.