Let the Words Flow: Writing Prompt 17

When there is incongruence in a situation, I feel uneasy. There is nothing obviously wrong, yet I know something is not quite right. To me, feeling uneasy means taking a moment to reconsider and investigate. It’s a precursor feeling. It’s a feeling I pay close attention to. What does feeling uneasy bring up for you?

I invite you to join me: you’ll need pen and paper or a computer, a cup of tea, and a comfortable place to sit. Ask yourself what part of your story needs to be told today. The prompt is an invitation to let the words flow. Slowly read the prompt, whether fact or fiction, and write what needs to be written today. Feel free to change the prompt from first to third person, vice versa, or any other way.

I felt uneasy…

About Reading

Last year, for the first time, I needed reading glasses and because I was starting graduate school, I thought I’d treat myself to a new pair this year. I decided to go to my son’s optometrist, whom I myself had never visited before. To my surprise I learned that there is a lot more to vision then meets the eye. (No pun intended!) It is possible to have 20/20 vision and still have hidden visual handicaps. I found out that my eyes didn’t track, which meant that when I read the words and sentences didn’t line-up. As a result I made a lot of mistakes when reading, and got tired reading very fast. Up to now I mostly listened to audio books. But this is changing. To my delight I now have a pair of glasses that help my eyes line up the text on the page. Books look completely different with my new glasses and reading is much easier. I wish I had gotten these glasses years ago. They would have saved me a lot of tears and frustration. But I sure am stoked now!



MORE Magazine Article

A couple of weeks ago my publicist Jeanna Zelin asked me to write an article for More Magazine…

A couple of weeks ago my publicist Jeanna Zelin asked me to write an article for More Magazine titled: Starting Over, With Nothing. I immediately  dove in and sent her the article the next day. To my delight it was published yesterday. Click on the article below to read the full story.

Patricia Selbert article in More Magazine.